RagaChitram TV Show - Hindustani Flute - Steve Gorn
RagaChitram TV Show presents Hindustani Flute Concert featuring Steve Gorn (Flute), Naren Budhakar (Tabla) and Sam ShivRaj (Tanpura). Exclusive recording. RagaChitram TV Show is brought to you by RagaChitra Foundation, New York - Visit the website for info, TV show schedules and participation info. If you are an Indian classical musician or dancer, contact us to be featured in RagaChitram.
Steve Gorn, Bansuri, and Pt. Samir Chatterjee, tabla, at Symphony Space Pt 1
Steve Gorn and Pt. Samir Chatterjee at Symphony Space Pt 1
Steve Gorn, Bansuri, and Pt. Samir Chatterjee, tabla, at Symphony Space Pt 2
Steve Gorn and Pt. Samir Chatterjee at Symphony Space Pt 2
Born Into Brothels \ 2 @ The Chicago Cultural Center 091906
(Con.) Members of the ensemble are Falu & Gaurav Shah (well renowned indian vocalists), Steve Gorn (flute virtuoso), Samir Chatterjee (tabla master) & Soumya Chatterjee (multi-talented violinist). Last clip next....
Rim Banna - A Time To Cry
A time to cry - A lament over Jerusalem Itunes: Under this headline the Norwegian record label in collaboration with Yabous release a CD, recorded in April this year in a home in East Jerusalem, threatened by expelling. The record is being released at the same time as Israeli authorities in Jerusalem is deciding a big plan of changing the neighbourhood of Silwan, east of the Old City, making many Palestinian families homeless. This is a sad backdrop to the release, but at the same time it shows the actuality of the album. On the CD four Palestinian voices, Rim Banna, Nai Barghouti, Wissam Murad and Jawaher Shofani give...
steve gorn (flute)..badal roy (tabla)..jamuna ke tir..bhairvi..wmv
'jamuna ke tir' in raag bhairvi on flute is Steve Gorn & Badal Roy on tabla
Shades of Time, Dreaming Shree
Shades of Time featuring Steve Gorn on Bansuri Flute, Sopranosax and Clarinet, Mexican Marimbavirtuoso Raul Tudon and Swiss Drummer/Percussionist Georg Hofmann play "Dreaming Shree" from their first Album "Dreaming Mexico" (Quuindecim Record) live at Moods, Zürich/Switzerland on February 9th, 2010
Badal Roy - In A Silent Way
Tabla master Badal Roy with Dave Liebman - Sax, Kenny Wessel - Guitar, Steve Gorn - Bamboo Flute, Daniel Moreno - Percussion, Michael Henderson - Bass. Live at the Hartford International Jazz Fest, Oct. 10, 2008
Steve Gorn @ Diaz Session (#6)
Steve Gorn playing along with tracks for the next album.
'A Boatful of Bhajan': Kirtan w/ Shyamdas - Pt.5
Part 5 of 9 videos from 'A Boatful of Bhajan' 2009: A kirtan cruise w/ Shyamdas & friends on the Hudson River in upstate NY. We raised $1200 for Food For Life Vrindavan! With Steve Gorn on Bansuri bamboo flute, Naren Budhakar on tabla, Adam Bauer on bass, Ishwari on Guitar, Sruti Ram & Arundhati on kartals, & Arundhati & Kamaniya on support vocals.
Steve Gorn, Vishnu Sangeet
Steve Gorn, Vishnu Sangeet.. A sublime moment in the Vishnu Cave at Badami
Cassandra - Steve Gorn
"Cassandra" from the 2016 recording "Between Two Worlds". see for purchase and full details.
The Transformative Power of Music
Far more than entertainment, music is a portal for mind-body synchronization; a conduit for engagement in ritual, group catharsis, and entrainment, and a holder of mythology and history. In this 20 minute talk, given at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY. Steve Gorn explores The Transformative Power of Music in words and live performance.
Private video
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