Steve Gorn at Ananda Ashram
Steve Gorn at Ananda Ashram

The Universe Hangs on Sound

The Sanskrit proverb ‘the universe hangs on sound,’ suggests that the right sound, at the right time, in the right place, is what nurtures the synchronization of our body and mind, and perhaps sanity in the world.

Steve Gorn’s music arises from the wellspring of Indian classical music, a living tradition, rooted in nada yoga (the yoga of sound.) Attuned to the time of day, quality of light and awareness of environment, this music offers a unique sonic landscape for healing arts, yoga and meditation.

to stop time…and bring people to that sacred space where heart and mind meet…that’s my goal…that’s my music
  – Steve Gorn

Steve Gorn at the Miho Museum outside of Kyoto
Steve Gorn at the Miho Museum outside of Kyoto

To practice yoga to the accompaniment of Steve’s bansuri flute is to discover the effortless synchronization between movement and sound, gesture and melody, and heart and form. The music sets the tone, and mingles with the flow of the class and personal practice, to bring about an omnipresent sense of awareness.

Through call and response, Steve also leads sessions in Indian raga singing, a deeply contemplative practice that reveals the beauty and form of the music as well as its roots in the spirituality of India.

For years Steve Gorn’s enchanted flute has been known as the ideal accompaniment for yoga, tai chi, bodywork of all kinds, and meditation. The strength of this music arises from virtuoso mastery, and an alive spontaneity, accessible to western ears. Working with John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Shiva Rea, Elena Brower, Cyndi Lee and others, he creates a sonic landscape ideal for yoga practice. His recordings for yoga and meditation include Illumination, Rasika, Priyageeta, Luminous Ragas, and Colors of the Mind. He is also featured on numerous kirtan recordings with Krisha Das, Jai Uttal and Shantala, and Durga Das.


…your music re-aligned  my cells……you bring the healing breathe of the sacred to our demanding contemporary lives.
– Jude Asphar,


Shivaranjani  –  Luminous Ragas

Music for Yoga, Meditation and the Healing Arts
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