Sun, April 13, 2014 7:00 am

410 Lorenzo Lane, Irwin, Pa 15642

410 Lorenzo Lane, Irwin, Pa 15642

Chhandayan presents a special opportunity to spend an afternoon with
two maestros, Steve Gorn (bansuri) and Samir Chatterjee (tabla).
It is landmark year in the lives of these two compatible spirits, Steve’s 70th
and Samir’s 60th year on this planet. Both of them are submerged into
the ocean of Indian music. This session is intended to open up an opportunity
to listen to them, their music and anything else they have to share. The music
and interactions will be accentuated by home-cooked Indian meal.

at the home of:
Mr. Samar and Mrs. Mala Saha

A very special Raga Concert
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