Indian Classical Music

Steve Gorn has performed Indian classical music on the bansuri bamboo flute in concerts and festivals throughout the world. A disciple of Sri Gour Goswami of Kolkata, and Pandit Raghunath Seth of Mumbai,he is well known to audiences in India and the west. He has been praised by critics and leading Indian musicians as one of the few westerners recognized to have captured the subtlety and beauty of Indian music.

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World Music & Jazz

Grammy winner, Steve Gorn is an innovator in the field of contemporary world music and is featured on Paul Winter's Grammy CD "Miho, Journey to the Mountain," and Paul Simon's Grammy nominee, You're The One. He has also recorded with Richie Havens, Jack DeJohnette, Tony Levin, Glen Velez, Simon Shaheen, Peter Kater, Alessandra Belloni, Layne Redmond, Badal Roy, and Nana Vasconcelos.

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Healing Arts

Recently I was listening to a local radio station playing an interview with the jazz pianist Randy Weston. Weston was talking about music as a healing art form. His words were so beautiful. Of course it’s entertainment, it has a lot of different qualities, but the depths of music is it’s ability to be a healing art. - Steve Gorn

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Wed, October 29, 2014 6:00 pm
Location: 150 West 17th Street New York City
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Steve Gorn, Manose & Ty Burhoe
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RagaChitram TV Show presents Hindustani Flute Concert featuring Steve Gorn (Flute), Naren Budhakar (Tabla) and Sam ShivRaj (Tanpura). [more video ]

2012 News Highlights

Beijing Concert

Beijing-Quartet [+] click photo to expand Beijing concert with Yangjin Lamu, Dhruba Ghosh & Glen VelezI met Tibetan singer, Yangjin Lamu at Paul Winter's Summer Solstice Concert several years ago. Drawing on Buddhist chant and 'calls' from the steppes of Tibet, her song is filled with devotion and heart. With support from sarangi virtuoso, Dhruba Ghosh, and my longtime friend, Glen Velez, we crafted a wonderful program for a Chinese audience eager to explore contemplative music.

Premiere of Paul Winter’s Flyways Project

flways-winter [+] click photo to expand Premiere of Paul Winter’s Flyways Project at St. John DivineCombining fabulous film footage of bird migrations along The Great Rift Valley with music from the countries along the way, Paul Winter launched a work with tremendous socio-political implications. The birds need no visas; there are no real borders. Sitting with musicians from Africa, Palestine, Israel, Turkey and Bulgaria, our music

Self Realization Center in Encinitas

encinitas [+] click photo to expand Steve with Manose & Daniel Paul at the Self Realization Center in EncinitasThree concerts with Manose in ten days! Joined by Daniel Paul, we played at sunrise at Omega Institute, morning ragas at BhaktiFest in Joshua Tree, and finally a sublime evening on the Pacific Ocean at the Yogananda Self Realization Center in Encinitas. A night under the stars.

Rag Lalit

Listen to Rag Lalit, played at dawn on Shivaratri 2012 at Ananda Ashram, Monroe, New YorkNaren Budhakar - Tabla

Return to the Miho Museum in Japan

paul_winter_cover Return to the Miho Museum in Japan to perform the Grammy winning cd ' Miho' .
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Vishnu Cave at Badami

Vishnu Sangeet. A sublime moment in the Vishnu Cave at Badami, India. Exploring the cave sculptures at Badami, in Southern India, we were led to a tiny grotto: Vishnu's Cave - certainly a place to offer some bansuri.

2011 News Highlights

Sufi Music Project at Carnegie Hall

Hidayat-Khan [+] click photo to expand Hidayat Hussain Khan's Sufi Music Project at Carnegie Hall My first opportunity to join with Hidayat Bhai for a program of Sufi music. The ensemble is now called Sufiana, and a wonderful YouTube clip tells the story: watch clip

Berlin Olympic Stadium with Chandrika Tandon

berlin89 Berlin Olympic Stadium with Chandrika Tandon for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's 'Art of Living' What an experience to play standing in the middle of the Berlin Olympic Stadium!!! Channeling Jesse Owens all the way.

Baajaa Gaajaa Festival

baajaagaajaa_logo Baajaa Gaajaa Festival in Pune, India

Adam Rudolph's Go Orchestra

go-orch [+] click photo to expand Adam Rudolph's Go Orchestra

Beijing Concert

beijing-lamu-buffet[+] click photo to expand Beijing Concert with Yangjin Lamu and Peter Buffett

NY Times Feature - June 02, 2010

[+] click photo to expand

A Worldwide Whirlwind on Woodwinds. For the past few weeks New York Times photographer, Ozier Muhammad, has been featured each Wednesday with a series of photos of musicians playing in uncommon spaces. Steve's photo was taken in the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, New York.go to

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Wed, October 29, 2014  
6:00 pm  
- 8:00 pm

Steve Gorn    Bansuri Flute
Ehren Hanson    Tabla

The Rubin Museum of Art

Location: 150 West 17th Street New York City
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